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Welcome to Infinity Business Solutions!
Infinity Business Solutions specializes in transporting your freight in dry van trailers. Our office is located in Holly Springs, North Carolina. We offer our services throughout the United States with authority in all 48 states. We do not go into Canada at this time.
On August 1, 2007, Infinity Business Solutions began what continues to be an amazing journey since the company picked up our first load of freight. As we soar to the first anniversary of those first miles, we thank god for blessing us and we thank him for many more successful days. So a little  hard  work and dedication, can take anyone or any business to a higher level. To start at a foundation of 1 truck and generate many more is a dream I've had since 1998.
Every member of our  work force family plays a vital role. Whether you are maintaining our equipment in the shop, reaching out to a customer on a sales call, or are a member of a department working at our corporate headquarters, we are thankful for your efforts in keeping our drivers and our customers’ freight rolling down the highway.
All of us have a deep appreciation for the mile-by-mile efforts carried out by driver or drivers here at Infinity Business Solutions. 

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